Yoga - Go inside and expand

When the feeling to work on something creative moves in me, it can be excruciatingly painful to get The Idea that gets the fire in me to create. I have to go deep inside in order to find some kindling that isn't damp, can ignite and give a spark - then it's all go! Delving into all the corners can be painful but ultimately very rewarding.

Yoga can seem pretty feeble on the surface however it is anything but that. You have to go deep inside and that requires discipline and concentration and no distractions. It can be more scary then your average aerobic class.

It is ironic but my successful attempt to scale down time wasted on social media has increased my time browsing online for yoga retreats. I fantasise of a yoga retreat. I keep checking myself not to say the word „escape“. Maybe a home yoga retreat would work? I've read suggestions online but it was stressing me just looking at the plans and is a definitely Not For Me.

Coming up for air with enough time to reorientate ourselves can not be achieved with anything nipping at our feet. Is escape selfish? Is going on a yoga retreat selfish? I for one hope not but perhaps the question we really want an answer to is:

Would my family and friends think I'm selfish?

I've concluded that if I feel the need to ask for other's approval then I must be fairly detached from myself therefore the easy answer to this question is:

Choose a yoga retreat – like the five day stay in Bavaria – and start packing.

Yoga is an opportunity to create a mind/spirt/body connection. Although the spirit bit might not have the lion's share of my own yoga practice, I am willing to learn.

Years ago I acquired a book from a friend. It was already pretty old then. It's called “Yoga For Women” by Nancy Phelan and Michael Volin. Before the book is even open you just know that this book does not have a softly softly approach but it is very matter of fact. On the back cover it reads: This important book is designed to show woman how Yoga can improve the figure, reduce weight, increase vitality: how to exchange the harassed, middle-aged look for a youthful, vital one based on suppleness, slimness, serenity and poise. Ouch!

Thankfully yoga is now a much more attractive and readily available fitness option. As someone who has practiced yoga for twenty years on a weekly basis, stepping up to daily practice (just twenty minutes) is manageable, sustainable and I have improved.

I choose yoga because it's good in the moment and makes you more present in the following hours. I see yoga retreats as an offer of a lilo to float on life's choppy waters. We can observe our life's baggage from a safe place. Who knows? I might just see some float away.

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